Kitchen Safety Tips For Las Vegas Homeowners

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When working in the kitchen, it is important to be conscious of kitchen safety. As an insurance agency, we see many claims each year on home insurance. Las Vegas residents sometimes have catastrophic accidents involving fires, floods, or other accidents because of disregard to kitchen safety. To be
safe, and avoid possible Las Vegas home insurance claims, we wanted to help you remember some basic
safety rules regarding your house’s busiest room!

Here are a few reminders of tips to avoid having a kitchen accident:

  1. Protect Against Fire: Keep all flammable materials away from stoves and ovens. Clean up all spills, and make sure children know to act in the kitchen when the stove and oven are in use. If a fire occurs, know the proper way to address the situation, including what to use to put out the fire.
  2. Be Careful with Knives and Other Sharp Instruments: When carrying a sharp instrument, always use extreme caution. When cutting, always cut away from the body to avoid accidents. Don’t leave dirty knives in a sink full of water; someone reaching into the sink could hurt themselves. Make sure to clean sharp instruments right away and return to their proper storage space.
  3. Lifting, Carrying and Reaching Safety: Make sure to brush up on the proper lifting and carrying techniques. Be careful not to carry too much when bringing in groceries. When you need something from a shelf you cannot reach, make sure to always us a sturdy stepladder to reach what you need. Never, under any circumstances, should you stand on a chair that rolls or swivels.

We hope this refresher helps homeowners avoid making claims on their home insurance. Las Vegas residents should make sure to always practice the proper kitchen safety, and if you have children, make sure they know the rules as well!

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