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las vegas rental property insurance

Las Vegas has weathered many economic recessions and we generally seem to ride out the storm very well.   The recession that hit the U.S. in 2008, however, had a profound impact on Southern Nevada.  Many outside observers had long noted our real estate market was overheated and ripe for a correction.   Well, those pundits were right on, and the correction has come.  Real Estate prices in Las Vegas, Henderson, and North Las Vegas have dropped to levels not seen since the mid-1990’s. It is a great time to buy a home, condominium or townhouse for owner occupancy. But the real opportunity might just be for real estate investors.

Las Vegas Rental Property Insurance

At Safeguard Insurance, we have been providing insurance for landlords for over 20 years. We understand how to properly structure a dwelling fire policy to protect your interest in the structure, it’s contents and the premises liability exposure.  We can issue policies to individual investors or to investment corporations or LLC’s. Out of state landlords are not an issue and we are happy to work with your local property manager.

We represent several A+ rated insurance carriers that offer Dwelling Fire policies:  Safeco, Travelers, First American, Nationwide, Stillwater, and CSE to name a few.  With our multiple company relationships, we can find the best combination of price and coverage to fit your individual needs.   Contact us today and let us show how knowledgeable we are, how competitive our rates can be, and why we are the best choice for Las Vegas rental property insurance!

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