Liability Insurance in Nevada: The Benefits of Umbrella Insurance

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Isn’t umbrella insurance just for wealthy people? This is a common misconception! If you own a home, car or business and have not looked into umbrella insurance yet, you are missing out on crucial and affordable coverage.

The truth is, simple liability insurance in Nevada is not always going to cut it. What if you are involved in a four-car pileup? What if someone is injured and killed on your property? General liability will only cover so much until it is exhausted. Luckily, commercial umbrella insurance will be there to pick up where general liability left off. Not convinced? Here are the benefits of umbrella insurance:

  •  Added layer of protection
  • Affordable coverage for an added $1 million dollars worth of protection.
  • Provides coverage for claims that may often be excluded in a general liability policy, such as false arrest, slander, libel, invasion of privacy, etc.
  • Will cover multiple lines of insurance under one umbrella (auto, home, business).

Having liability insurance in Nevada is a start, but it is time to take coverage a step further. So what are you waiting for? It’s time to get under an umbrella!

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