Life Insurance – Protect Your Las Vegas Lifestyle

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Many consumers are under the impression that purchasing term life insurance is a complicated process that involves a lengthy application and an intrusive medical examination.   The truth is exactly the opposite.   Many life insurance policies can be purchased with a few clicks of your mouse and minimal questions.  For smaller policies, under $500,000, the medical examination is often just a check of height, weight, blood pressure and sometimes a urine sample.

With term life insurance at historic low rates, there is really no reason for residents of Las Vegas, Henderson, North Las Vegas or any other city in Nevada not to call us for a free rate comparison.  We can often save you money compared to your current policy, or find you the lowest possible price on a new policy.   If you need life insurance for your business – such as buy/sell arrangements or key man protection – we have several life insurance specialists that can help you properly structure a policy.   Contact us at 702-638-0022 and talk to Nick Patterson, Julie Ligotti or Kristopher Dye.

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