The Lowest Price Is Not Always the Best Value

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The Lowest Price Is Not Always the Best Value

We get that insurance is an unloved intangible. Consumers don’t love shopping for or purchasing insurance and generally want to spend as little as possible on coverage. Consumers frequently ask us to find them the cheapest insurance possible. Our response – every single time – is that we do not offer cheap insurance because the lowest price is not always the best value.

The Lowest Price is Not Always the Best Value

Instead, we help you find a policy that is affordable and provides the coverage you really need. A cheap insurance policy is one that has been hacked, butchered, and stripped down to the point of irrelevancy. It is a policy that very likely provides very little coverage for the premium charged.   It does not represent a good value for the consumer. The lowest price is not always the best value, especially with insurance coverage. Instead of focusing on the lowest price alone, consider how important fast and fair claim service is to you. How about responsive local service? What about technology such as online account tools or a mobile app?

Insurance Expertise

There might be a few things in life that you can go cheap on. Socks, generic prescriptions, canned beans, and your funeral comes to mind. There are other things you should never cheap out on like Chinese food, underwear, a mattress, and your insurance.

Protecting your assets from loss, damage, and lawsuits requires careful insurance planning. The expertise needed to understand insurance contracts and assemble a policy specifically for your needs takes years to develop. At Safeguard Insurance, we have the staff, market access, and systems in place to find you the best value for your insurance dollars.

Personal Service is Priceless

Whether you are looking for auto, home, lifebusiness or health insurance, our agents will take the time to understand your needs and find you an affordable policy at a price you can be happy with. That kind of personal service is not cheap – it’s priceless. Contact the professionals at Safeguard Insurance today and let us earn your business with our superior service.

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