NV Classic Car Insurance

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NV classic car insurance

Classic and collector cars deserve special treatment.   The cost to restore a classic car can be incredibly expensive, but the end result is often a work of art.  To protect the investment you’ve made in that classic or collector car, Safeguard Insurance offers affordable and comprehensive insurance from Hagerty Collector Car Insurance.   Hagerty is owned and managed by car enthusiasts and they offer the type of coverage that car collectors want and deserve.   We are proud to be one of the select group of agents that work with Hagerty.

The Benefits of Hagerty Insurance

Some of the features of Hagerty’s Collector Car Insurance include the following:

  • High limits of liability:  collector car enthusiast tend to be higher income and have substantial assets to protect.  Ensuring you carry adequate liability limits protects you from lawsuits.
  • Guaranteed value coverage:  a typical auto insurance policy provides actual cash value coverage.  This is completely wrong for a classic or collector car.  You need a policy that provides an agreed upon amount of coverage that is paid if the vehicle is totaled.  This means there is no dispute at the time of a claim – the value of your vehicle is predetermined.
  • Spare parts coverage:  Hagerty’s policy automatically includes $750 of coverage for spare parts.  Additional coverage can be purchased if needed.
  • Towing:  Old cars sometimes break down, it’s just a fact of life.  Hagerty’s policy includes towing coverage on a flatbed truck.  Several plans are available for the owner that just drives around town, or those that tour the country.

In addition, Hagerty promotes and sponsors classic car shows around the country. You may have already seen their name or met some of their staff at an event.  Offering superior coverage, excellent customer service, and unparalleled claim support, Hagerty is the best program available for NV classic car insurance.

NV Classic Car Insurance

Contact us today for a no-obligation quote for your Las Vegas classic or collector car insurance.  The process takes just a few minutes and does NOT require a credit check or any intrusive personal information be provided.  We look forward to hearing from you!

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