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NV Exterminators

Name the critter or creepy-crawly and we probably have them in Las Vegas.  From insects, rodents, and pigeons to the occasional termite infestation, Southern Nevada exterminators never have a shortage of pests to eradicate.  The pest control industry represents a great opportunity for hard-working entrepreneurs to start their own successful business. However, it also requires extensive education and years of training to safely perform extermination work.

Specialized Pest Control Insurance

Likewise, the insurance that an exterminator should purchase is also very specialized and requires an agent that understands both the liability exposures and regulatory requirements of a pest control operation. There are a handful of reputable insurance companies that have developed specialized programs for exterminators including LIPCA. At Safeguard Insurance, we prefer the LIPCA program for several important reasons.

First, LIPCA is owned and operated by a group of active pest management professionals. These are people that completely understand the extermination business and work in it every single day.  Second, LIPCA is partnered with Lloyds of London to underwrite their general liability program. As the world’s leading specialty insurance market, Lloyds is a stable and secure and “A” rated insurance provider.

Benefits of LIPCA Pest Control Insurance

Second, LIPCA provides unparallel coverage that can be precisely tailored to the specific operation of your NV exterminator operation. Available coverage includes:

  • Care, custody and control property damage at the full general liability limit,
  • Employee benefits liability,
  • Pollution coverage including drift and transit that meets all applicable State requirements,
  • Professional liability for WDI/WDO inspections and treatment,
  • Blanket additional insured including primary working and waiver of subrogation,
  • Extensive free loss control and best practices at LIPCA.com,
  • Free contract review by a professional underwriter.

The Best Choice for NV Exterminators

Add to that the local expertise and incredible service provided by Safeguard Insurance and you have the perfect insurance program for any pest control business, large or small. NV exterminators should contact us today for a no-obligation review of your current insurance program and a free comparison quote with LIPCA.

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