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If you own a home in Las Vegas, North Las Vegas or Henderson, chances are you have also purchased home insurance to protect your investment.  Homeowner insurance truly represents an incredible value for consumers:  for an average premium of around $700, you get broad coverage for your home, appurtenant structures, personal belongings, loss of use, personal liability, and guest medical payments.  Depending on the policy, you may also have automatic coverage for watercraft, trailers and golf carts.  Your personal property is typically covered away from your home, such as items stolen while on vacation or from your vehicle.   Personal liability coverage may also apply to incidents that occur off-premises and also to claims of slander, libel, and defamation of character.   If a guest suffers a minor injury on your property, medical payments coverage will pay for the injuries regardless of fault.   The list goes on an on – extremely broad coverage for an affordable price.    

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