Package Insurance Equals Big Savings

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Package Insurance Equals Big Savings

Whether it is your cable tv provider, phone company, computer store or a restaurant, it seems everyone has a special discount for bundling products or services.   Many times, bundling makes sense.   If you can get a discount for buying internet service, TV, and telephone service from the same company, then why not take advantage of it, right?

Package Insurance Equals Big Savings

Insurance companies are no different and have been offering “bundling” or “package” discounts for decades.  Package insurance equals big savings, sometimes up to 25% off your combined policies. Obviously, the insurance company has a financial motivation for you to purchase all your policies from them. But there are several very good reasons to buy your NV auto insurance and home insurance from the same provider:

  1. Discounts, discount, discount. Money talks, the saying goes, and generally the largest discount offered by insurers is the multi-policy or package discount. At Safeguard Insurance, we have insurance providers that provide up to a 25% discount for buying both auto and home insurance.
  2. Coverage continuity. Insurance providers frequently tailor their auto and home insurance policies to work in concert if there is a claim that affects both policies.  For example, if your car was broken into and personal items were stolen, you may need to make a claim on both auto and home insurance.  Many carriers waive the deductible on the homeowners insurance in this type of situation, where both policies are providing coverage.
  3. Loyalty credits or renewal discounts. Some insurance companies provide larger or accelerated renewal discounts to customers that have multiple policies.
  4. Reduced risk of non-renewal. We don’t like to talk about it, but occasionally insurance companies will elect not to renew a customer because of claim history.   Customers that carry 2 or more policies with the same insurance company are much less likely to have this happen.  This is especially true if you are still a profitable customer when considering the entirety of your insurance portfolio.
  5. Service convenience. Using the same agent and insurance carrier means you make one phone call when help is needed. It also ensures that your agent can do their job properly by looking for coverage gaps and recommending appropriate coverage levels.

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At Safeguard Insurance, we represent the needs of our customers first. We are loyal to our customers, not any particular insurance company. We represent dozens of insurance companies and leverage our ability to shop your policies to provide the best value to customers. Contact us today for a free quote on your auto, home, lifehealth or business insurance and let us prove how We Work For You.

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