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The popularity of ATV’s and UTV’s is undeniable. Operated safely, ATV’s and UTV’s provide a fun recreational activity for families and a reliable way to explore the outdoors.   Protect your investment with affordable ATV and UTV insurance from the experts at Safeguard Insurance.

Is ATV and UTV Insurance Worth It?

Let’s face it, off road vehicles are fun. Within a short distance of Las Vegas, there are hundreds of miles of ATV/UTV trails and sand dunes. ATV and UTV insurance protects you from accidents that can happen while enjoying those trails and sand dunes. Whether you are a recreational ATV rider, or use your UTV to work a ranch or farm, having it damaged, wrecked, or stolen can cause loss of time and money. We can provide different types of ATV and UTV insurance to cover different types of vehicle needs.

What Does ATV and UTV Insurance Cover

Many ATV and UTV owners assume that homeowners or renters insurance will provide coverage for their off-road vehicles.  Unfortunately, this is almost never true.   At Safeguard Insurance, we recommend you purchase a specialized ATV and UTV insurance policy.  This type of policy provides coverage for nearly many types of losses, including:

  • ATV/UTV liability insurance provides coverage for bodily injury and property that are you liable for.  Bodily injury can apply to passengers in your vehicle or another ATV/UTV you collide with.
  • Uninsured motorist coverage protects you and passengers if you are struck by an uninsured or underinsured ATV/UTV operator.
  • Medical expenses coverage pays for first aid expenses and other medical bills, regardless of fault. Coverage applies to you and passengers in the UTV or ATV.
  • Collision and comprehensive coverage, also known as physical damage, provides coverage caused by theft, fire, vandalism, flood, or collision with another object.  If you have a loan on your ATV or UTV this coverage is typically required.
  • Custom parts and equipment that are attached to your ATV/UTV can also be covered by endorsement.  These parts include audio equipment, seating, roll cages and other accessories not originally installed by the vehicle manufacturer.

Polaris ATV, Side By Side UTV & Related Insurance Providers

At Safeguard Insurance, we represent several reputable providers of ATV and UTV insurance including American Modern, Progressive, Dairyland, Safeco, and Acuity. We can also find you money-saving discounts to lower your overall premium.

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