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One of the biggest advantages to owning a condo is the freedom from maintenance such as mowing the lawn or making repairs to the outside of the building that you may not have the time, ability or desire to complete yourself. But Condominium owners still need insurance that picks up where the association ends. State law and the articles of the condo association determine exactly what is covered but in most cases, the coverage stops after the exterior walls which means you are responsible for the interior walls and fixtures as well as your personal property and liability. At Safeguard Insurance, our professional agents can help you find the right condo insurance at a price you can afford!

About Condominium Insurance Coverage

If you own a townhouse or condo, you have different insurance needs than the typical homeowner. Typically, condominium owners do not own the structure they live in. If shared areas need upkeep and maintenance, your association will typically handle the expense through their insurance package. Although your association dues help pay for maintenance of the common areas, they do not cover your personal property within your own unit, or your liability if someone is injured on your property.

What Does a Condo Insurance Policy Cover?

Condominium insurance provides protection where condo associations do not. Condo and townhouse coverage protects your possessions within your unit, including furniture, appliances, kitchen and bath facilities and your personal items. Your condo insurance policy may also cover any improvements you make such as upgraded flooring, cabinetry, window coverings and light fixtures. Safeguard Insurance can even offer you a condo insurance quote that includes liability protection for bodily injury or property damage to others incurred on your premises as well.

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