Have You Done A Personal Work Style Assessment?

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Personal Work Style Assessment

It is certainly no secret that everyone has a different work style. However, have you ever really stopped to think about yours? Do you don a personal work style assessment?

Productivity can be greatly enhanced when employees are working in an environment that is conducive to their unique work style. Additionally, employees who are well-aware of their own personal work style are much more likely to increase their productivity as well. While there is no way to determine who works “harder” or “smarter”, there is a way to be sure that each individual employee is working as hard and smart as they can be.

Personal Work Style Assessment

Here are the four most common personal work styles among employees:

  1. Doing. People that tend to work best when they can execute the task on their own. These workers value to-do lists and a sense of competition. They are detail oriented and focused. However, these people can often dive so deeply into their work that they don’t communicate as well as other work styles.
  2. Leading. Leaders are the work style that makes a person likely to inspire. These people have a clear vision and they are passionate about getting everyone else to believe in that vision. However, sometimes they lack follow-through and forge to check- in regularly on the rest of the team as they execute that vision.
  3. Loving. These people are relationship-minded people. This type of employee works best in group settings and is highly effective when it comes to brainstorming sessions. However, like the leaders, follow-through can sometimes be an issue when it comes to producing “tangible” work.
  4. Learning. This employee thrives in situations where research and questioning are necessary. A love of learning and understanding problems makes up the characteristics of this work style. This person is usually highly disciplined and can think in a very strategic way. However, they are nothing without the rest of their team there to help with the execution of all of their new ideas.

Remember, balance = productivity! The most successful work team will have a good balance of all of these work styles blending together to get the job done.

Additionally, understanding the working style of your team members allows for increased productivity among groups. When you know what you can go to someone for, where your strengths are and where your weaknesses are in relation to someone else’s strengths, there can be an overwhelming increase in productivity among work teams.

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