Prevent Employee Theft

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Prevent Employee Theft

As a business owner are you ever worried about employee theft? What are you doing to prevent employee theft? Sometimes, employee theft is a hard reality check because it’s difficult to understand how employees you hire are capable of such things. Unfortunately, because employee theft is real and is a problem, it’s important you take any necessary steps to prevent it while avoiding any claims with business insurance.

Remember, employee theft can come out of nowhere and at any time! If you’re trying to prevent this from ever happening, consider the following tips:

  1. Don’t skip the background check: The first step to avoiding any fraudulent employee behavior is to make the correct initial hiring decision. A background normally includes a criminal background check, employment history and anything else you deem necessary. Information that you can consult as part of a background check varies from state to state, so make sure your local EEOC office to get more details.
  2. Check references: Your candidate’s references should be important to you because you can receive a firsthand account of what the candidate was like at his or her previous job. Surprisingly, some employers never even bother to look at references, but we recommend contacting a former employer to get a feel for what the candidate is like around a workplace.
  3. Set a solid tone: It’s necessary that, as a business owner, you take the job and the environment seriously. If you present a relaxed attitude, then employees will feel the same way and feel like they can get away with certain things. Make sure you are holding regular one-on-one meetings with employees and have a grip on the internal operations of your company. And remember: trust your instincts!

Unfortunately, no matter how diligent you are keeping your business, safe things are always going to happen. If your company ever does experience employee theft, make sure your policy with business insurance can provide the proper coverage. We can help you develop a plan to prevent employee theft, and also make sure you have the right business insurance should the theft occur. Contact us today for more information.

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