Protect Your Home with Las Vegas Home Insurance & Avoid Falling for a Burglar’s Tricks!

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For committing such a crime, you may not think that burglars are all that bright. However, burglars are much smarter than you think! Obviously a criminal does not want to break-in while you are home, so these intruders will do all they can to find out a time when you will not be home. As your trusted agent and Las Vegas homeowners insurance provider, we believe it is important to know what sort of tricks a burglar will play in order to find out information about you.

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Here are just a few:

•    Burglars will keep an eye out on your newspapers and your mailbox. More than a few newspapers and an overflowing mailbox could only mean one thing.

•    If you will be away for a long period of time, it is best to hire someone to cut your lawn. Overgrown lawn is a sign of absence.

•    Keep your home well lit while you are away. A burglar may watch for lights at night.

•    Burglars will hear if your answering machine is picking up or your phone is constantly ringing. To avoid this, lower the volume on both.

•    Your garage will say a lot about your absence. Many times, burglars will simply look to see if there is a car in the garage from the windows.

As you can see, burglars keep a sharp eye on your home. To avoid becoming a target of burglary, it is important to prepare your home for these tricks and make sure you can fool the burglars right back!

If you are concerned about your overall protection, never hesitate to speak with us at Safeguard Insurance. We would be happy to provide you with reliable Las Vegas homeowners insurance that will cover the worst case scenario. Stay smart and stay secure!


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