Protect Yourself from Summertime Liabilities with Liability Insurance in Nevada

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“Summer time and the livings easy…” sings Sublime. While this may be true to a certain extent, the warmer months are not always as easy as they seem! The summer may bring pool parties and cook outs, but these activities are not without liability concerns and issues. Without the proper liability insurance in Nevada, these activities just may end up putting a halt to your summer fun.

What sort of liability risks are associated with the summer months? Here are just a few:

•    Pool time with friends and family (drowning, accidents, etc.)

•    Cook outs (grill fires, injuries on property, etc.)

•    Boats and watercrafts

•    Alcohol use (at house parties, on boat, etc.)

•    Trampolines

•    Fire pits and bon fires in the backyard

•    Landscaping equipment left on the lawn (injuries)

If you are looking to avoid a liability crisis this summer, look no further. At Safeguard Insurance, we want to provide liability insurance to Nevada residents. For extra coverage this summer, you can even look into an umbrella policy for your home, auto and even business. The choice is yours!