Quick Ways To Save On Utility Bills

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Quick Ways To Save On Utility Bills

Did you know that, on average, an American will spend $2,200 a year on utility bills? According to the U.S. Department of Energy, many people have no idea because they never think to add up their utility bills at the end of the year.

Quick Ways To Save On Utility Bills

There is an upside to this though – there are many small improvements you can make to your home and lifestyle that can end up saving you approximately $1,000 a year on your energy costs! This can be beneficial to your wallet, your home, and eventually, your home insurance costs – safe energy reduction means a safer home, too! To help make it a bit simpler, we’ve compiled a list of our top 7 quick ways to save on utility bills:

  1. Unplug: Whether it’s your TV, computer, or cell phone charger, when you aren’t using it, unplug it. Not only is this safer in terms of fires and electrical shortages, but it also saves you money. Even if these devices are powered off, leaving them plugged in still uses energy, which costs you money.
  2. Lower The Water Temp: If you lower the temperature on your water heater by just 10 degrees, from 130 to 120, not only won’t you notice a difference in the temperature, but you can save up to $60 a year!
  3. Change Your Showerhead: Opting for the low-flow setting on your showerhead can save you water flow, conserving water and saving you on your home energy bill.
  4. Cold Water Wash: Did you know that washing your clothes with cold water works just as well as using warm or hot water… and it saves you up to $63 per year!
  5. Lower The Home Heating: For each degree you lower the room temperature by, you can save 5% on your home heating bill. And lowering your heat at night during sleep or during times when no one is home is easy and cost-effective!
  6. Fans Cool People: But not rooms! Turning ceiling fans and window fans off when no one is home is an easy way to save money.
  7. DIY Sealing: Weather-sealing air leaks around, doors, windows and electrical boxes is an easy way to keep the temperature in your home the way you want it – without wasting energy. Plus, you can easily seal the gaps yourself with some caulk from your local hardware store.

All of these tips are easily executable and can save you a ton. We hope you find these quick tips to save on utility bills useful. Lastly, remember to contact the professionals at Safeguard Insurance for any questions on your home insurance, auto insurance, or term life insurance needs.

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