Renovations That Could Sell Your Home

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Renovations That Could Sell Your Home

Recent reports show that the housing market is boosting higher selling prices and fewer homes on the market. Why? It has been found that many homeowners would rather make renovations to their homes and stay put then deal with the housing market and the daunting task of moving. But what if you need to move? Here are our tips for renovations that could sell your home.

Whether you are looking for a new location, a bigger home or different characteristics in your dream home, for many homeowners, moving is the obvious solution. However, those looking to sell may find that in such a competitive market, it’s important to stay ahead of the curve. If you are looking to sell your home, there are many upgrades and changes you can make to your existing property to make it real estate gold. Simple changes have the potential to entice prospective buyers and can be a worthy return on your investment if you do it right.

Renovations That Could Sell Your Home

Inside of your home…

• In the housing market, the kitchen is one of the top places homeowners have a long list of priorities for. Turn your kitchen into a homeowner’s dream come true: upgrade the appliances, granite countertops and give the outward appearances (such as cabinets) a makeover.
• Freshen up the paint on the walls in your home – a different color can create a whole new look and feel for a space.
• Do you have room in the master for a walk-in closet? Then do it! It can be done easily and make for a huge wow-factor (and return on investment) for potential buyers
• Are the fixtures in your bathroom old and worn? Replace them for an aesthetically pleasing change.

Outside of your home…

• Be sure to take care of all of the landscaping aesthetics before posting that “for sale” sign outside of the house.
•  Replace the doorknobs and fixtures around the house.
• Clean up the backyard and lounge area – set up any furniture you have to be sure it looks inviting and friendly.
• Check up on the roof and replace any damaged shingles.
• Be sure all of your home’s siding is in tip-top shape.
• Walk around the house and make sure there are no holes or damages to your sidewalks and walkways/driveway. Not only is it a homeowners insurance liability, but it isn’t pretty to look at!

Remember, every single renovation you make may not please all of the different buyers out there, but even small changes can make a difference and “pay off” in the long run!

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