Renters Insurance: Affordable Protection

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renters insurance

It happens several times a year in Las Vegas:  an apartment complex catches on fire, dozens of residents are displaced, all their belongings are destroyed and only a few have purchased renters insurance. It is a tragic story that is repeated far too often and the solution is both simple and affordable: Las Vegas renters insurance.

Otherwise known as an HO4 (homeowners form 4), renters insurance is essentially a homeowner policy with coverage for the structure omitted.   Coverage generally includes the following:

  • Personal property or contents:  your belongings located inside the apartment or home.
  • Loss of use or additional living expense:  provides for expenses associated with the claim such as food & shelter because you had to vacate the premises.
  • Personal liability:  protection against injury or property damage caused by you or a member of the household.
  • Guest medical:  no-fault coverage for injuries sustained by a guest while on your premises.

A quality Las Vegas renters insurance policy will cover you on a Replacement Cost basis, instead of depreciated actual cash value basis.  We also recommend adding Personal Injury coverage to the liability.  This protects you from claims of slander, libel or invasion of privacy.

You will need to determine the amount of personal property insurance that is appropriate for your needs.   We recommend you complete a simple inventory of your possessions and determine an approximate replacement value for the items.   Don’t forget your belongings stuffed away in closets or a storage area!

Please don’t also make the mistake of assuming your landlord provides coverage for your belongings.   Landlord insurance covers only the structure of the rental property.  It provides NO COVERAGE for the belongings of the tenant.

The process of obtaining a quote for renters insurance is simple.  Call us at 702-638-0022 or visit our renters insurance page for an instant quote. Contact us today for a quote on renters inurance!