Renters Insurance Versus a Cup of Coffee

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renters insurance versus a cup of coffee

Within the exciting world of insurance, there are a few products that truly provide exceptional value to the policyholder.   At the top of our list is homeowners insurance, including condominium owner and renters insurance.   Very few insurance policies provide such broad coverage for so little premium as home, condo, and renters insurance.

The Value of Renters Insurance

Consider, for a moment, the cost of renters insurance versus a cup of coffee.  Many of us visit our favorite barista every morning and spend around $5 for a great cup of coffee. Added up, we might spend over $1,000 per year on a morning perk. There is certainly nothing wrong with spending that money on coffee, or any other beverage you might enjoy. Many of us think a morning coffee is a daily necessity that makes us more productive, more alert and, frankly, less moody.

Renters insurance, compared to a cup of coffee, is a relative bargain.  For around $15 a month most people can buy a renters insurance policy that provides coverage for contents, loss of use, personal liability and guest medical.   Despite how affordable renters insurance is, less than 40% of renters actually buy a policy.    At Safeguard, we think that represents a tragedy in the making.

Renters are exposed to same perils that a homeowner faces – fire, burglary, vandalism and liability claims.   Why then do so few renters actually buy a policy?   We think it is simply a misunderstanding of responsibility.   When our agents ask about renters insurance we often get the same reply of “my landlord provides insurance.”   It is true your landlord provides insurance, but only for the structure you rent and liability insurance for their protection.   Your landlord has no insurable interest in your stuff and cannot provide coverage on your behalf.

The simple truth is this:  If you rent a home, apartment or condo you need renters insurance.   It is affordable and by packaging your policies together, you might even lower the price of your auto insurance.   So, renters insurance versus a cup of coffee – which is the better value?   To us, the answer is clear:  renters insurance wins every time.

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