Save Gas Money On A Road Trip

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Have you planned and gone on your summer vacation yet? We hope you’re planning to get out there and enjoy some memories with your loved ones real soon. The summer is the perfect time to enjoy a little rest and relaxation, and if you happen to get the opportunity to go on vacation, even better! Unfortunately, we understand all too well that there is something that may be stopping some people from taking a vacation: finances. But we have good news, if you’re planning on getting to your destination by car, we can help!

Gas prices, especially in the summertime, seem to be ever increasing, don’t they? Surely you have a favorite station where you go when you are home, known for having the lowest gas prices. But what can you do when you’re on the open road traveling?

There’s an app for that!

Have you checked out any of these apps for your iPhone or Android device?

1. GasBuddy:  A free app that rewards users who report gas prices all throughout the United States.
2. SmartFuel: The first month is free After that, you will have to pay $2.99 for the app, but it’s worth it!  This app does not rely on reports from users but instead uses gas report databases.
3. FuelFinder: Priced at $2.99, this app boasts that it can help you to “$300 or more a year on gas”.
4. Fuelly: This app is the more than just a gas expense saving app. It provides gas price information, and it also tracks your mileage and maintenance options. The best part: it’s free!

Hitting the road for a family vacation, or even solo to visit some loved ones and get some R&R, doesn’t have to be a huge expense when it comes to gas. So download an app and hit the road!