Now is the time to shop for health insurance!

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It’s open enrollment time again Nevada!  That means now is the time to shop for health insurance.   Remember that open enrollment ends on February 15, 2015 so the window for buying a new plan is closing quickly.  With only a few exceptions, the Affordable Care Act requires that all new or renewing health insurance plan enrollments be completed between November 15, 2014 and February 15, 2015.

Open Enrollment 2015

Do not miss out on this opportunity to find a better health insurance plan!   Whether you are looking to lower your monthly expense or lower your out of pocket fees, we can help.  The experts at Safeguard Insurance have decades of experience finding Nevada residents the best value in health insurance plans.

Health insurance can be confusing.  The Affordable Care Act has only made things more complicated and, frankly, increased the cost of most plans.  There are, however, some reasons to be excited for the future of health insurance in the US.  First, the ACA compliant health insurance plans are better than old plans.   Pediatric dental is provided automatically and all plans cover maternity care.   Exclusions for pre-existing conditions are no longer allowed.   Premium subsidies are now given to individuals that qualify (based on income) on the exchange.   Lifetime caps or annual dollar limits are no longer allowed in health insurance plans.

Yes, rates have increased for most health insurance plans, including those in Nevada.  Over time we may see some of the cost saving measures of the Affordable Care Act help to stabilize and perhaps even lower health insurance costs.    In the mean time, the best option for consumers is to shop for health insurance with a local agent that understands the plans offered in Nevada.

Shop for Health Insurance

You can call us at 702-638-0022 or visit our health insurance page for a no-obligation quote.   Running a quote takes just a few minutes and our rating system will provide up to 40 different plans and options to choose from.   If you find a plan you that fits, you can even sign up online instantly!