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Term Life Insurance Solutions

Everyone knows they should purchase term life insurance, and yet nearly 30% of American housholds do not have any.   According to a 2010 LIMRA study, the reason for not purchasing term life insurance is often a misconception that the process is complicated and the price is too high.   In fact, participants in the study often overestimated what they thought term life insurance would cost by triple.

Here are the facts:

  • Getting a quote for term life insurance is fast.   The Safeguard Insurance website allows consumers to get quotes with up to a dozen term life insurance providers by answering 5 questions.   The entire process takes less than 30 seconds and is completely anonymous.
  • Buying term life insurance is a very simple process.  Medical examinations are sometimes required but are typically very simple and done at your home or work.
  • Prices for term life insurance have continued to decrease over the past 20 years, as American’s are living longer.  Most consumers are shocked at how affordable term life insurance really is.

Let the life insurance experts at Safeguard Insurance help you figure out how much life insurance you need.  We will take the time to review your situation and perform a needs analysis.   We will present you with options and choices.  Most importantly, we will make sure you have a life insurance plan that you can afford today and in the future.

Don’t put off something as important as buying term life insurance.  Contact Safeguard Insurance today by calling 702-638-0022 or visiting our term life insurance page and obtaining an instant quote.

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