Simplify Your Life Week

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To simplify. This is something that everyone surely thinks of from time to time. Do you ever find yourself feeling stressed out about the same thing over and over again? Are you constantly struggling to feel “together” or organized? Well, you’re in luck. If there was ever a time to focus your energy on simplifying your life, this is the week. With National Simplify Your Life Week underway, you officially have your excuse for making things a bit easier from now on.

Where to start? Think about some of the things in your life that perhaps make you worry, feel stressed out or overwhelmed… then eliminate them!

1. Clear the clutter in your life: You may feel that the clutter in your home or your life is an effect of stress, but it can just as well be a cause, too. Clutter can make you feel uneasy, disorganized and even stressed out. Although getting rid of clutter may feel complicated because you are already stressed and busy, if you tackle it slowly, eventually, when it’s gone, you will feel much better. When you can live in a place that appears relaxed, it impacts your mood, too.
2. Automate your life: There are many different ways you can automate some of the tasks that seem to drain on your energy and suck up your time. Do you spend time each month paying the same bills in the same amount? Why not schedule those payments for auto-pay. Remove yourself from the junk mail lists to avoid having to go out to the mailbox only to throw what’s inside away. Up-front, you have to exert some energy to get these things done, but in the long run, you’ll be thankful when you have more “free time” to forget about it.
3. Clean up your finances: Many people experience the most stress when it has to do with finances and money. If you are in debt, it can feel like a dark cloud hanging over you. Or perhaps you consistently live outside of your means. No matter what has cluttered your finances, you need to simplify things to ease your stress. Focus on paying off your credit card debt and not spending on things unless you need to. Budget your money and go on a “spending diet” as you pay off debt. Once you are financially in a good place, you will feel the stress melt away.

What are some other things that you may consider doing to simplify your life?

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