Small Business Marketing Tips

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small business marketing tips

Running a small business can be enormously rewarding – if you figure out how to do it successfully. One area in which most small business owners struggle is effective marketing. In the digital age, getting your business noticed can be tough. Here are 5 simple and affordable small business marketing tips that have worked for Safeguard Insurance, and should work for your organization as well:

  1. Get Social. Social media is an excellent platform to connect with potential customers in your local market. Social media can have long-lasting results if you can gain followers and convince those followers to “share” your product or service. Take the time to create and nurture an effective social media campaign and be willing to spend a little money on advertising or “boosted” postings.
  2. Consider giveaways. When you first start a small business, you need referrals from satisfied customers. If you cannot find paying customers right away, consider some freebies. Do some work at no cost or give your product away, but ask the recipient for an online review and referrals.
  3. Network, network, network. Find a networking group of other small business owners and leverage those relationships. Also, consider the other social circles you are part of such as church and volunteer groups, etc. Do not be an obnoxious exploiter of your social circles, but make sure your friends and associates know what your new business is all about. They will be your best source of referrals.
  4. Build an effective website. The web is now the first place people search for products and services. You may not be able to compete with large companies in your same industry, but you have an advantage being local. Leverage local search and SEO to your advantage. Consider hiring a qualified local website designer to create and manage your web presence.
  5. Brand your business. This is easier said than done, but spend some money on your “brand image”. Have a professional logo created, nice business cards printed and stick with that theme on your website and social media. Consumers like working with a “brand” they know and trust.

Along with these small business marketing tips, don’t forget about small business insurance. Protect your fledgling business with the right coverage at the right price, provided by the experienced agent at Safeguard Insurance. We know small business insurance because we are a small business!

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