Stay Safe from Crime with Homeowners Insurance, Las Vegas!

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Crime rates across America seem to never decrease. If you have not had to
personally deal with home burglary, consider yourself lucky! For those
who have, hopefully you had coverage to help take care of the damages
and losses. With homeowners insurance, Las Vegas residents will be
protected from unexpected losses due to burglary, weather damage, and
everything in between. Also, as your trusty insurance agency, we are
here to offer a few pieces of advice to prevent another break-in.

#1: Lock your doors and windows. While people will usually remember to lock the front door, many tend to forget about window locks. Always double-check before you leave!

#2: Trim your shrubs. Burglars tend to look for homes that are easy to hide around. If your shrubs are out of control, trim them.

#3: Install an alarm. A house alarm will not only scare away the culprit, but will contact the police.

#4: Nix the outdoor spare key. Burglars can and will find your spare key under the doormat! If anything, give the spare key to a trusty relative.

#5: Turn on the lights. A well-lit home is not as concealing as a dark one. Also, leaving lights on even if you are not home may keep burglars away.

With these few crime prevention tips, your home may be overlooked next time a burglar targets your neighborhood. If you do find yourself facing a break-in, you will feel much better knowing you are covered with homeowners insurance. Las Vegas residents and beyond should make sure that their policy covers break-in damages and costs. A typical home insurance policy will cover the structure of your home, replacement costs, personal possessions, liability and more- so you should be fine. It’s better to be safe than sorry!

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