Swimming Pools and Homeowners Insurance

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Swimming Pools and Homeowners Insurance

Spring has finally arrived, which means summer will be quickly approaching! Around this time, many homeowners may start to make moves if they want a pool installed for the hot months ahead. We often receive phone calls from customers wonder about their swimming pools and homeowners insurance. Typically, the question is does a swimming pool affect the price of homeowners insurance?

Swimming Pools and Homeowners Insurance

Fortunately, the answer is usually no, a swimming pool alone will not typically increase your home insurance rates. A pool does, however, present a risk for liability claims that you should consider when choosing a coverage limit. We recommend you purchase at least $500,000 of liability coverage if you have a swimming pool. An umbrella policy of $1M or more is even better to protect you from the risk of injury associated with your pool.

Swimming Pool Safety Tips

Along with adequate liability coverage, here are some simple tips to minimize the risk of a swimming pool:

  • No diving boards. Yes, we know they are fun but diving boards, and slides to a lesser extent are the cause of many swimming pool related injuries.
  • Depth markings. Although not required in many areas, depth markings add safety by alerting swimmers to which parts of the pool are safe for jumping in. The presence of depth markings can also be a good defense if you are sued for a swimming pool injury.
  • Supervision. A responsible adult should always be present when children and minors are swimming.
  • CPR & first aid training. Knowing how to perform basic first aid and CPR can mean the difference between a close call and a fatality. An adult trained in CPR and first aid should always be present when the pool is in use.
  • Fences and barriers. Pools are safest when they are behind a fence with a self-latching gate. This ensures that kids, especially very young children, do not have access to the pool without the assistance of an adult.

Lastly, before installing a swimming pool, talk with the professional agents at Safeguard Insurance to make certain your homeowner insurance provides the right coverage. Contact us today!

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