Business Insurance That Fits Like a Glove

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There are no two businesses that do things the exact same way.  Even within the same industry, business owners develop their own procedures, policies and company culture.   It is this diversity of operations that makes our free markets work – the best run companies survive and thrive.   Likewise, business insurance programs should always… Read more »

Business Income Insurance Coverage

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Business owners generally understand they need to purchase some type of property insurance to protect their tangible assets from a loss.   Stuff like inventory, displays, furniture, fixtures and equipment are at risk of loss or damage by fire, theft and host of other perils.  With the proper business insurance, replacing your business property after a… Read more »

Is General Liability Insurance Enough?

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Most business owners understand that they need to carry some type of insurance to protect their operations and assets.   One of the most commonly requested types of coverage is General Liability insurance (aka the CGL policy).  But, is general liability insurance enough? In simplistic terms, general liability provides coverage for bodily injury and property damage that… Read more »

What is Surplus Lines Insurance?

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The term “surplus lines insurance” or “excess and surplus” is industry jargon that refers to a secondary insurance market that often provides coverage other insurance carriers are unwilling to offer. To understand the surplus lines market, it is helpful to understand better how insurance is regulated by each State. Insurance Regulation Every US state has… Read more »

Contractual Liability – A Love/Hate Story

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If, in the course of business operations, you have signed a lease or subcontract agreement, then contractual liability is a part of your life, whether you realize it or not. Contractual liability, simply put, is the obligations or liability you assume by agreeing to the terms of a contract. To illustrate, let’s look at very… Read more »