Manufacturing Insurance

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Any business that makes products intended for use by others needs manufacturing insurance. This is not one policy, but rather a tailored portfolio of coverage that addresses the insurance needs of manufacturing. The team at Safeguard Insurance has been providing manufacturing insurance coverage for nearly 20 years.  We have the markets and experience to provide… Read more »

Business Insurance That Fits Like a Glove

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There are no two businesses that do things the exact same way.  Even within the same industry, business owners develop their own procedures, policies and company culture.   It is this diversity of operations that makes our free markets work – the best run companies survive and thrive.   Likewise, business insurance programs should always… Read more »

Why Buy Employment Practices Liability Insurance?

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The cold reality it is that a business is more likely to be sued by a current or former employee than any other type of lawsuit.  Studies have shown that a business is far more likely to have an employment-related dispute, than a property or liability loss.    In today’s litigious climate, it is critical that… Read more »

Why do I need EPLI Insurance?

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Did you know that a business owner is more likely to be sued over employment disputes, than other type of liability claim? Nearly 75% of corporate litigation today results from some type of employment dispute.  Small business is not immune from this trend.  In fact, nearly 40% of all employment related disputes are filed against… Read more »