The History of Workers Compensation in Nevada

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One of the first widespread social insurance programs developed in the United States was workers compensation. Workers compensation is specialized insurance coverage purchased by employers to provide for medical care, rehabilitation expenses and indemnity payments (disability) for employees that are injured in the course of employment. The first workers compensation laws were developed by Maryland,… Read more »

Nevada Workers Compensation Laws

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If you have a business that operates in Nevada and has workers that meet the definition of employees, you are required to purchase workers compensation insurance. Nevada is not unique in this regard. In fact, all 50 states have industrial insurance requirements to protect workers from injuries while on-the-job. The various rules, regulations, and statutes… Read more »

Workers Compensation Insurance and Independent Contractors

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When talking to business owners in Las Vegas about workers compensation insurance, we often hear the comment, “all of my workers are independent contractors.  I don’t need to carry workers compensation insurance”. The reality is simply this:  your workers likely do not meet the definition of an independent contractor and you do need to provide workers… Read more »

Workers Compensation: What Nevada Employers Need to Know

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If you own a business in Nevada (or any other state) and have employees, you are statutorily required to purchase workers compensation insurance. Prior to 2001, Nevada was a “monopolistic” state, meaning that workers compensation coverage was provided by a government-run program. In Nevada, it was known as SIIS (State Industrial Insurance System). The SIIS… Read more »