Consider Term Life Insurance

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In the exciting world of life insurance there are two types of policies commonly offered for sale:  term and permanent life insurance.   Insurance agents, attorneys and financial planners have varying opinions about the merits of each type of policy.  At Safeguard Insurance, we generally recommend term life insurance to our customers.   Term life insurance is… Read more »

Protect your Company with Las Vegas Business Insurance

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Nevada has a well-deserved reputation for being a business friendly State.  Our relatively low tax structure and legal protections make us a haven for corporations located inside and outside of the State.   Just a few decades ago,  Las Vegas’s industry centered around gaming, tourism, and construction.  Today, our economy is much more diversified including tech and… Read more »

What Are My Life Insurance Options?

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The decision to purchase life insurance can be one of the most important ones you ever make. Whether you are making the purchase solely for your own financial security, or you have a family or significant others who depend on you for their livelihood, it is a wise and significant decision. But with so many options out there for life insurance, how can you know which option is best for you?

Life Insurance Information

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Life insurance is still one of the single most important coverage
policies out there, but many people are still turned off by what they perceive
as “gray areas.” Specifically, a lot of potential buyers want to know more
information about the beneficiary aspect of life insurance because it’s an area
that generates a lot of confusion. Basically, a beneficiary is the person that
will receive the buyout of your coverage after you pass away, but is isn’t
always that easy. Here are some frequently asked questions about beneficiaries
courtesy of your life insurance company. 

4 Common Types of Insurance Claims

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Generally one has to file several types of insurance claims throughout one’s lifetime. The basic process of filing a claim is near about similar to most insurance lines. It’s just that the details vary widely. You’ve got to be well equipped in advance to understand the common types of insurance claims and how they’re similar… Read more »