Handyman Insurance Myths

| Business Insurance, General Liability Insurance.

Finding the best insurance for your handyman business does not need to be a complicated and time-consuming process. At Safeguard Insurance we write all types of business insurance for handyman operations including general liability, workers compensation, and commercial auto. To make sure you find the right policy, here are some handyman insurance myths to consider… Read more »

Workers Compensation Insurance and Independent Contractors

| Business Insurance, Workers Compensation Rating.

When talking to business owners in Las Vegas about workers compensation insurance, we often hear the comment, “all of my workers are independent contractors.  I don’t need to carry workers compensation insurance”. The reality is simply this:  your workers likely do not meet the definition of an independent contractor and you do need to provide workers… Read more »

4 Common Myths About Car Insurance

| Blog.

When it comes to car insurance, doesn’t it seem as if everyone has an opinion? There is a lot of misinformation out there. How are you supposed to see through the smoke to understand car insurance if you cannot be sure what is fact and what is fiction? We are here to help!