Why Do Auto Insurance Rates Increase?

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Las Vegas already has a well-deserved reputation for having among the highest auto insurance rates in the US.  Although Nevada, overall, is not considered to have abnormally high auto insurance pricing, Clark County NV and Las Vegas, in particular, is typically ranked in the top 25 highest priced areas. One of the questions we hear from… Read more »

The Nevada Insurance Commissioner: A Consumer Friendly Watchdog

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Overall, most consumers are satisfied with their choice in insurance companies.   Studies by JD Power and other organizations (including the insurance companies themselves) show that about 94% of customers are happy with the outcome of a claim.   The insurance industry is very sensitive to public perception and works diligently to provide a positive claim and… Read more »

21st Century Insurance Coverage

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Welcome to the 21st century: the ever changing and evolving age of information and technology.   The way we communicate and interact with others has been revolutionized by social media and email.   Smartphones, tablet computers and wireless internet allows us to work anytime, anywhere.   Everything around us, from the cars we drive to the way we produce… Read more »