Understanding NV Workers Compensation Rates

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Employers in Nevada are fortunate to have workers compensation rates that are among the lowest in the country, especially compared to California and other western states.    Nevada also has a vibrant workers compensation market with dozens of large insurance carriers competing for business.  Despite this, workers compensation is often one of the most expensive and… Read more »

Property Damage Only Auto Accidents

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The Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department has recently changed the way it handle property damage only auto accidents.   Effective immediately, a traffic officer will not be dispatched to investigate a non-injury accident.  What does this mean for residents of Las Vegas?   It is now your responsibility to exchange insurance and identification information with the other… Read more »

Protect your Company with Las Vegas Business Insurance

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Nevada has a well-deserved reputation for being a business friendly State.  Our relatively low tax structure and legal protections make us a haven for corporations located inside and outside of the State.   Just a few decades ago,  Las Vegas’s industry centered around gaming, tourism, and construction.  Today, our economy is much more diversified including tech and… Read more »

Safety Training for Your Nevada Business

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Business owners, in all industries, should be diligent in providing a safe work environment for their employees.   To help you in this effort, the State of Nevada has an entire division devoted to jobsite safety training and consultation:  Nevada Safety Consultation and Training Section (SCATS).  The mission of SCATS is to help employers identify potential… Read more »

When Does My NV Auto Insurance Expire?

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Have you ever noticed that your NV auto insurance policy shows not only an expiration date, but also a time?  Take a moment and look at your policy declarations page.  Somewhere it should say “coverage effective date” and “coverage expiration date”, or something similar.   Next to that coverage expiration date there will be a… Read more »

Health insurance questions? We have answers….

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2014 is here and that means the mandate to purchase health insurance is now the law of the land. The Affordable Care Act, aka ObamaCare, is perhaps the most controversial legislation to ever come out of Washington. The politics of the ACA continue to dominate the news headlines. And the botched roll-out of the Exchanges… Read more »

Auto Body Shop Insurance

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If you own an auto body shop, a used car dealership, or garage, you know that accidents can happen at any time. Even the most routine procedures can be messed up, and small mistakes can lead to costly damages or even law suits. Regular business insurance may not cover all of the specific liability needs of your auto shop, and Nevada body shop and garage insurance may be a better option for you. 

Is General Liability Insurance Enough?

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Most business owners understand that they need to carry some type of insurance to protect their operations and assets.   One of the most commonly requested types of coverage is General Liability insurance (aka the CGL policy).  But, is general liability insurance enough? In simplistic terms, general liability provides coverage for bodily injury and property damage that… Read more »

When is Commercial Auto Insurance Not The Right Choice?

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When is commercial auto insurance not the right choice? An internet search for reasons why you should buy commercial auto insurance will likely yield a long list of valid scenarios.  If your business model requires multiple vehicles and drivers and that employees carry tools or make sales calls, then a commercial auto insurance policy is… Read more »

Why Do Auto Insurance Rates Increase?

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Las Vegas already has a well-deserved reputation for having among the highest auto insurance rates in the US.  Although Nevada, overall, is not considered to have abnormally high auto insurance pricing, Clark County NV and Las Vegas, in particular, is typically ranked in the top 25 highest priced areas. One of the questions we hear from… Read more »

Las Vegas Surety Bond Basics

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We often find there a general confusion about NV surety bonding versus insurance among business owners.  While bonds are frequently sold by insurance companies, they are unique and provide a different coverage guarantee than an insurance policy.   To add to the confusion, there are myriad of different bonds, some required by governmental agencies, others to guarantee contract performance… Read more »