Nevada Landlords: How To Find Quality Tenants

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For those of you out there who have the stomach to own and manage rental properties, you might find yourself wondering how to find good tenants.  All it takes is one bad experience to sour your taste for real estate investing.  Finding high-quality tenants for a residential rental property you own can be challenging and… Read more »

Why You Should Read Your Insurance Policy

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An insurance policy is nothing more than a contract between you, the policyholder, and the insurance company.   Because the insurer develops the policy verbiage and structure, insurance contracts are considered “contracts of adhesion“.   This means the policyholder has almost no ability to modify the language of the contract.  It does not mean, however, that you should… Read more »

Condo Unit Owners Insurance: Coverage That Begins Where The HOA Ends

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Living in a condominium has many advantages.  In exchange for paying association fees, the unit owner is not burdened with exterior maintenance of the building or common areas.   Also, many condominium developments offer fantastic amenities such as playgrounds, workout rooms, and swimming pools all conveniently located on the property.    Plus, the depressed housing market in Las Vegas… Read more »

Commercial General Liability Insurance: Coverage and Exclusions

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In our many years of providing business insurance in Las Vegas, we have found that commercial general liability insurance (CGL) coverage is one of the most commonly requested, and yet least understood types of policy.   Part of the problem may be in the name:  “general liability”. It sounds broad, all-encompassing, and comprehensive. In many respects the CGL policy… Read more »

Renters Insurance: Affordable Protection

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It happens several times a year in Las Vegas:  an apartment complex catches on fire, dozens of residents are displaced, all their belongings are destroyed and only a few have purchased renters insurance. It is a tragic story that is repeated far too often and the solution is both simple and affordable: Las Vegas renters insurance…. Read more »

Workers Compensation Insurance and The E-Mod

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Workers compensation insurance is often the most expensive policy a business owner must purchase and the rating methodology can be difficult to understand.   The base premium is determined by a percentage rate times the payroll.  Employees are classified according to job duties, called the classification code.   Rates can vary in the extreme – as low… Read more »

Nevada Garage Insurance Basics

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In the insurance industry, Nevada garage insurance refers to the specific insurance coverage that applies to businesses that service or sells motor vehicles.   This can include a mom & pop auto repair business, a large collision repair center, a full-service car wash, franchised auto service centers or a non-franchised used car dealership.   Selling and servicing automobiles creates a unique set of liability exposures. Nevada garage insurance is designed to… Read more »

Workers Compensation: What Nevada Employers Need to Know

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If you own a business in Nevada (or any other state) and have employees, you are statutorily required to purchase workers compensation insurance. Prior to 2001, Nevada was a “monopolistic” state, meaning that workers compensation coverage was provided by a government-run program. In Nevada, it was known as SIIS (State Industrial Insurance System). The SIIS… Read more »