Business Insurance Tips

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Many business owners want to buy an insurance policy and never think about again. We understand you have better things to focus your time on, so here are some business insurance tips to make sure you have the right coverage to protect your operation. Buy adequate property insurance coverage. Many property insurance policies contain a co-insurance… Read more »

We Understand Restaurant Insurance

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Let’s not mince words – the restaurant business is tough.  Studies show that up to 80% of all new restaurants fail in the first 5 years.  There are many reasons why including poor location, complicated menu and customer service.   A poorly designed restaurant insurance policy can also leave a restaurant owner exposed to unnecessary risk and uncovered losses.  At… Read more »

Business Insurance That Fits Like a Glove

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There are no two businesses that do things the exact same way.  Even within the same industry, business owners develop their own procedures, policies and company culture.   It is this diversity of operations that makes our free markets work – the best run companies survive and thrive.   Likewise, business insurance programs should always… Read more »

Health insurance questions? We have answers….

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2014 is here and that means the mandate to purchase health insurance is now the law of the land. The Affordable Care Act, aka ObamaCare, is perhaps the most controversial legislation to ever come out of Washington. The politics of the ACA continue to dominate the news headlines. And the botched roll-out of the Exchanges… Read more »

Directors and Officers Insurance: Not All Policies Are Created Equal

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Many types of business insurance products use a standardized policy form. General liability, as an example, is typically issued on an ISO CG0001 form. Commercial auto and property policies also generally use an ISO form. Directors and officers insurance (D&O), however, is one of a handful of insurance products that do not have a “standard”… Read more »

Commercial Landlord Insurance Basics

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Commercial real estate can be a great investment opportunity, providing property owners with stable cash flow and steady equity growth.   Las Vegas, with our generally depressed real estate pricing, has numerous opportunities for a savvy investor to purchase prime commercial properties at very low prices.   To properly protect that investment, a landlord needs specialized commercial landlord insurance,… Read more »

Las Vegas Surety Bond Basics

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We often find there a general confusion about NV surety bonding versus insurance among business owners.  While bonds are frequently sold by insurance companies, they are unique and provide a different coverage guarantee than an insurance policy.   To add to the confusion, there are myriad of different bonds, some required by governmental agencies, others to guarantee contract performance… Read more »

Does Auto Insurance Cover Flood Damage?

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We’ve had a wild monsoon season in Las Vegas this year.   September 11th was another record setting day with over 1.18 falling in a short time and some parts of the valley receiving over 2 inches!  As always, that kind of heavy downpour creates causing flooding on our streets and, inevitably, motorists drive sustain damage to their vehicles from… Read more »