The Affordable Personal Umbrella Policy

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Do you assume a personal umbrella policy is very expensive?  Fortunately for most people, personal umbrella insurance is downright affordable. With annual premiums for a $1M policy starting at about $125, a personal umbrella is truly one of the great insurance values. The affordable personal umbrella policy is something every insurance buyer should consider. Why… Read more »

Consider a Personal Umbrella Policy

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Bad things happen sometimes.   That’s why we buy insurance coverage for our cars and homes.  Occasionally, the bad thing that happens might be because of something you did wrong, like an at-fault auto accident or an injury that occurs on your property.   In that circumstance, you might be sued by the injured party…. Read more »

Personal Umbrella Policy: Because Bad Stuff Happens

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Most of the time life is fairly uncomplicated.   We work, we have hobbies, we take a vacation now and then and generally just enjoy the day-to-day.  Occasionally, however, something bad happens.  The kind of bad stuff that can lead to lawsuits.  It could be related to your hobby – think of a boating accident in… Read more »