5 Preventable Homeowners Insurance Claims

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Even with the best home, condo, or renters insurance filing a claim is never an enjoyable experience. At Safeguard Insurance our goal is to make sure your claim is handled fairly and promptly. However, we would rather avoid the entire process if possible. With that in mind, here are 5 preventable homeowners insurance claims and what… Read more »

Update Your Home Without Emptying Your Wallet

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Update Your Home Without Emptying Your Wallet  Quick, easy, inexpensive – whoever thought those adjectives could apply to home improvement projects in Las Vegas? But, they can! To spruce up your home on a budget, check out these five ideas for projects that yield maximum results with minimal effort and cost: Paint: All you need… Read more »

Renters Insurance: Affordable Protection

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It happens several times a year in Las Vegas:  an apartment complex catches on fire, dozens of residents are displaced, all their belongings are destroyed and only a few have purchased renters insurance. It is a tragic story that is repeated far too often and the solution is both simple and affordable: Las Vegas renters insurance…. Read more »