Business Insurance That Fits Like a Glove

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There are no two businesses that do things the exact same way.  Even within the same industry, business owners develop their own procedures, policies and company culture.   It is this diversity of operations that makes our free markets work – the best run companies survive and thrive.   Likewise, business insurance programs should always… Read more »

Understanding NV Workers Compensation Rates

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Employers in Nevada are fortunate to have workers compensation rates that are among the lowest in the country, especially compared to California and other western states.    Nevada also has a vibrant workers compensation market with dozens of large insurance carriers competing for business.  Despite this, workers compensation is often one of the most expensive and… Read more »

Employee Injuries and the Course and Scope Rule

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At some point, nearly every employer will have an employee report an injury and seek treatment under a workers compensation policy. Every US state has “industrial insurance” or workers compensation laws that define the benefits payable to the injured worker (NRS 616 in Nevada). While the benefits afforded to an injured worker can vary between jurisdictions, there is… Read more »

Protect your Company with Las Vegas Business Insurance

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Nevada has a well-deserved reputation for being a business friendly State.  Our relatively low tax structure and legal protections make us a haven for corporations located inside and outside of the State.   Just a few decades ago,  Las Vegas’s industry centered around gaming, tourism, and construction.  Today, our economy is much more diversified including tech and… Read more »

Safety Training for Your Nevada Business

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Business owners, in all industries, should be diligent in providing a safe work environment for their employees.   To help you in this effort, the State of Nevada has an entire division devoted to jobsite safety training and consultation:  Nevada Safety Consultation and Training Section (SCATS).  The mission of SCATS is to help employers identify potential… Read more »

Workers Compensation Insurance and Independent Contractors

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When talking to business owners in Las Vegas about workers compensation insurance, we often hear the comment, “all of my workers are independent contractors.  I don’t need to carry workers compensation insurance”. The reality is simply this:  your workers likely do not meet the definition of an independent contractor and you do need to provide workers… Read more »

Essential Insurance Coverage for Restaurants

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There are few business opportunities more potentially rewarding that owning a restaurant.  In the right market, with the right location and, of course, the right menu, a restaurant business has the potential to be very successful.   However, restaurant owners need to be keenly aware of the specialized insurance coverage needed to property protect their business from a devasting loss.  Read on to learn about the 5 types of coverage every restaurant should purchase.

Workers Compensation Insurance and The E-Mod

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Workers compensation insurance is often the most expensive policy a business owner must purchase and the rating methodology can be difficult to understand.   The base premium is determined by a percentage rate times the payroll.  Employees are classified according to job duties, called the classification code.   Rates can vary in the extreme – as low… Read more »

Workers Compensation: What Nevada Employers Need to Know

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If you own a business in Nevada (or any other state) and have employees, you are statutorily required to purchase workers compensation insurance. Prior to 2001, Nevada was a “monopolistic” state, meaning that workers compensation coverage was provided by a government-run program. In Nevada, it was known as SIIS (State Industrial Insurance System). The SIIS… Read more »