The Post-Grad Employment Search

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the post grad employment search

We’ve officially hit May and along with the spring weather and the uncontrollable urge you feel to be outside, you may also be noticing something else: graduation season is here. All across the country, countless college students will be walking across the stage, leaving college behind, and facing adulthood head-on. This also means the post-grad employment search will begin for most young adults.

The Post-Grad Employment Search

This means one thing: the post-grad employment search is on for those college students. Are you a recent or soon-to-be grad starting out on your job search? You may already be getting questions about your plans, what is next for you, or if you have considered benefits like health insurance in your employment search guidelines. You may also be wondering: how can I beat out all of the other grads doing the same thing I am?

There is one answer to that question: your resume. Not sure what exactly that means? Well, we have some helpful tips for you.

  • For each job you apply to, you should be using a different resume. You will want to cater each resume to the job description. Include only relevant experiences and skills that match what the employer is looking for specifically for that job.
  • When writing your cover letter, target it to the employer’s description. Use words similar to those in the job description. Highlight all of your experiences and skills that relate to the job. And be sure to highlight skills that demonstrate your determination and motivation.
  • Research the company well before submitting your materials; demonstrate that you know what you are applying for in the cover letter. It shows you are truly interested in the position when it is obvious that your application materials are not blanketed to 50 other job applications.
  • Consider jobs in the insurance industry when sending out your resume. There are many rewarding careers in our industry from sales and service to underwriting, claims, and actuarial.

If you do get the chance to head in for the interview: dress to impress, remain confident and demonstrate your determination to land a job by offering to start immediately.

Congratulations and good luck!

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