The Pros & Cons Of Working From Home

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Working From Home

Recently, the idea of working from home has come under the spotlight. Marissa Mayer, CEO of Yahoo, made the decision to terminate the policy at Yahoo. As a result, many employers and employees alike have been wondering what the benefit of working from home truly is, and whether or not they should be offering such a policy.

Although it is different for everyone, working from home can be an immense benefit to employees. At the same time, it can also be a hindrance to productivity. In Yahoo’s case, Mayer found that her employees were taking advantage of the privilege and getting less productive and quality work completed. Before making the decision for your office, consider some of the pros and cons for working from home.

• An increased sense of freedom to complete work as you please
• No commute to the office
• No dress code to adhere to
• No feeling of being watched or micro-managed
• Increasingly convenient scheduling for life incidentals such as doctor’s visits
• No feeling of pressure

• Some employees may not be as motivated outside of the office
• It requires an immense amount of self-discipline to start working
• No feeling of pressure
• There are no co-workers around to interact with or share ideas with
• There is an immense danger of putting in too many hours

Many workers find it beneficial to work from home. Many workers also treat working from home no differently than they do working in the office – the same hours, dress code, etc. However, some workers do not enjoy the idea of working from home. If you are going to offer the policy in your office, keep in mind that not everyone may take advantage of it. You want your employees to feel comfortable doing what works best for them… and ultimately, your company!

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