Thinking about Flood Insurance this monsoon season?

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Flood Insurance

Monsoon season is upon us and that means parts of Las Vegas will surely see some flash flooding.   And, of course, it also means we are going start harping about flood insurance like we do every year.

We think this is an important topic even in the Mojave Desert.   It is important you understand a typical property insurance policy, whether for your home or business, does not provide coverage for flood damage.  Instead, you must purchase a flood insurance policy from the National Flood Insurance Program, which is part of FEMA.   Even if your property is not located in a recognized flood zone, you may still be at risk of flooding.   In fact, FEMA estimates that around 25% of all flood losses are from “low risk” areas.

Flood insurance is surprisingly affordable, especially if you live in a “preferred risk” flood zone.  Within a matter of minutes, we can accurately determine what flood zone your property is in and provide you with a quote.   All it takes is a phone call to 702-638-0022.  Or complete the online quote request on our flood insurance page.   

Another important consideration is when your policy will start.   Most of the time flood insurance requires a 30-day waiting period for coverage to become effective.   Obviously, this means you can’t wait until your home resembles a swimming pool to call us.  Make sure you price and purchase flood insurance before the storm arrives.

For more information about flood insurance or the National Flood Insurance Program, check out these helpful links:

For any other questions you may have, please call our agents at 702-638-0022.   We have providing flood insurance to residents of Las Vegas and all over Nevada since 1998.   We understand the National Flood Insurance Program and can make the process of buying flood insurance quick and hassle free.