This Holiday, Check Out Toy Recalls and Nevada Insurance Quotes!

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The holidays are here, which means a few things: parties, decorations and shopping! Are you ready to shop until you drop this season? Whether you are shopping for toys or new Nevada insurance quotes, it is crucial that you do your research, especially if you are buying for young children. Not only are many toys dangerous for young ones, but there are always a number of toy recalls every holiday season.

This season, keep these tips in mind while purchasing toys:

#1: Always check the age on toys. There is an age recommendation for a reason! Be sure to always read the label before purchasing a toy.

#2: Avoid toys with sharp edges or pieces. Any plastic toys that could be easily broken and jagged should be avoided.

#3: Be aware of toy recalls. It is important to check the list of toys that were recalled during the year. Check out this toy recall list before shopping for your little one.

#4: Buy safety items, too. Planning on buying a bike for your child? Make sure you purchase a helmet and knee/elbow pads to go along with it!

#5: Do not promote violence. If you are buying for a boy, refrain from buying a bunch of guns. If you are going to buy a fake gun, make sure it has an orange tip so it is not mistaken for a real one.

Buying toys for little ones does not have to be a hassle, but it is something you should put some thought into. While toys are fun and cute, they can also be dangerous. Bottom line: be careful while shopping for little ones this season!

While you are out shopping, it may be a good idea to check out a few Nevada insurance quotes. With the New Year ahead, your policies are sure to need an update. Whether you look into home, auto, business, life or health, you are sure to feel much better with the proper protection in place. The last thing you need this holiday season is an injured child due to a toy without health coverage.


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