Tips to keep your Nevada auto insurance affordable

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Nevada auto insurance

Let’s be honest – Nevada auto insurance is a boring topic.  A blog posting about auto insurance is probably not going to get shared and reposted all over the internet.   So, we’ll keep this one short and simple and give you some relevant tips to keep the cost of your auto insurance affordable, without sacrificing important coverage.

  1. Bundle your policies.   Every insurance company that offers auto and home insurance will give you a healthy discount for combining policies.  This “multi-policy” discount can be as high as 25% with some insurance carriers.
  2. Drive safe.  Tickets and accidents can have a huge impact on your auto insurance rates.   So, don’t speed, text while driving, drink and drive, sleep and drive, apply makeup and drive, read and drive, cook and drive, exercise and drive or any combination thereof.   Safe drivers pay less for auto insurance, period.
  3. Consider telematics.   Many auto insurance companies now offer a telematics device that actually records your driving habits for a few months.  Depending on the results, you may see a discount applied.   Don’t like the idea of “big brother” auto insurance?  See tip #2 as an alternative.
  4. Review your deductibles.  Increasing your deductible, especially on collision coverage, can dramatically lower your premium.   Just make sure you can actually afford to pay the deductible if something bad happens to your car.
  5. Keep your credit score up.   Yeh, this one is controversial and we understand completely.  You might ask, “what does my credit score have to do with how well I drive”?  Fair question, and we don’t have a great answer.  The Nevada Insurance Commissioner does have some thoughts on the matter.  Regardless, your credit score is a factor in your auto insurance rates.  The higher the score, the lower your rates.

The last tip, and probably the most important, is to call Safeguard Insurance for a quote on your auto insurance.   We have some voodoo software that let’s us shop your Nevada auto insurance with up to 15 different insurance carriers at the same time.  You can see this wizardry in action by stopping by our office.  Or, you can go to our website (you already are) and click on Auto Insurance page to work some rate magic yourself.    Or, you can call us at 702-638-0022.  We will make some interesting computer beeping noises on the phone with you, while your rates are being calculated.

Buy local!  Save money!  Call Safeguard Insurance today for the best deals on Nevada auto insurance.