Tips to Keep in Mind When Buying Las Vegas Home Insurance

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When it comes to searching for a home, a lot is going through your mind. How many bedrooms do we need, do I want a deck, is this neighborhood going to have the right schools for my children?

Once you figure out all the logistics and purchase your soon to be new home, you need to think about homeowners insurance. Here are some tips to help you through the process.

1)      Know the answer to questions like, when was the home built? Where is it located? When was the house built? How many claims have there been in the past 5 years? Knowing the answers to these questions can help you get the best rate and the appropriate coverage.

2)      Opt for a higher deductible. If possible try and pay a higher deductible, most insurance companies start giving discounts if the deductible is $500 of more.

3)      Check on other policies. In your Las Vegas home insurance package be sure to ask about liability coverage and umbrella policies. These coverages can be included or added on to offer more protection in certain situations.

4)      Make sure you are getting all of the discounts you are eligible for. Some companies offer discounts if you have an alarm system, or if you are of a certain age.

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