Uncomplicate Business Insurance

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Uncomplicate Business Insurance

Our professional agents can help you uncomplicate business insurance. We recently talked with the owner of an auto repair shop that had 5 insurance policies, with 4 different insurance companies, and 2 insurance brokers. He had a traditional garage policycommercial auto for a tow truck, workers compensation, a commercial umbrella, and a small employment practices liability policy.

Does that sound a little messy? We helped this customer simplify his business insurance portfolio by consolidating this coverage into 1 package insurance policy with Acuity Mutual, an A-rated insurance company that specializes in auto repair insurance. Better yet, we were able to save him around 30% compared to the cost of his 5 separate policies, and combine the premium billing on one statement.

Uncomplicate Business Insurance

Business insurance need not be complicated. We can help you find the right coverage and right insurance carrier for your business. As an independent agent, we work with dozens of business insurance providers that provide specialty coverage for many industries:

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As independent agents, we are not employees of an insurance company. Instead, we work for you. When we recommend a certain insurance company or product, you can be assured it is because that is the best price of coverage for your needs. Contact us today with questions about your existing policies, or to obtain a quote for your business insurance.

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