Remodeling? Update Your Home Insurance Too

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Update Your Home Insurance

It’s common for homeowners to get bored with their home. While it may not be in the budget to move all together, remodeling is always a great way to spruce things up! If you will be remodeling and updating your home this year, it is also important to update your home insurance policy.

Why you should update your home insurance?

  • Whether you remodel your bathroom or kitchen, your home’s value will more than likely increase.
  • New appliances and pieces may need extra coverage. A new and expensive chandelier may need an additional policy!
  • The new changes in your home are most likely more expensive to replace than the old ones. If you want your items to be covered 100%, you will need to speak with an agent.
  • Have you installed more safety features in your home? You may receive a discount!
  • Updates to plumbing, electrical, and roofing may also earn you a premium discount!
  • Adding a pool to your property? How about a shed, workshop, or detached garage? We may need to increase the “other structures” coverage.

Update Your Home Insurance

So remember: remodeling will be refreshing when all is complete, but not-so-refreshing if you go to file a claim and are not fully covered! Remember to speak with our agency about any plans you may have and we would be happy to update your home insurance policy. Happy remodeling!

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