World No Tobacco Day: Ways To Quit Smoking

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ways to quit smoking

Every year, the World Health Organization designates one day as “World No Tobacco Day”. This year’s theme focuses on banning tobaccos advertising, promotion and sponsorship. On May 31, WHO and partners around the world will focus on highlighting the risks associated with tobacco use and advocate ways to reduce consumption.

Tobacco use is the single most preventable cause of death around the world: 1 in 10 adults will die from tobacco use worldwide. We can do better and fight back! Even if you have been smoking for years, the decision to quit can benefit your health greatly. Since most countries lack comprehensive bans on use and exposure, quitting tobacco it is a personal choice you must make and commit yourself to. Here are a few helpful ways to quit smoking:

  • Why do you want to quit? The first step is to figure out what your goals are. Write them down and share them with people around you. These people can support you and remind you when it gets tough.
  • Quitting “cold turkey” rarely works. Nicotine is addictive and no one can deny that. It is more effective to slowly remove the addictive nicotine from your system.
  • Figure out your triggers before you decide to quit. Once you understand what causes the desire to smoke, you will be better able to fight it off and avoid the triggers. For many, stress is a trigger, and that can be easily managed with other outlets, so long as you know.
  • Clean your house. Once you have made the decision to quit, you will not want anything in your home that will remind you of smoking. Get rid of the ashtrays and lighters, and of course, the cigarettes. Wash any clothes that may smell like smoke and clean your carpets, couches, and curtains. Rid yourself of the thought, smell, and sight of smoking
  • Not everyone quits the first time they try. If it was easy, everyone would quit right now! But don’t give up. Try again and again. As long as you are passionate about quitting, you will persevere!

Quitting smoking can be tough. But with the right help and determination, you can do it! We hope you find these ways to quit smoking tips helpful. For more information, visit the CDC tips from former smokers for inspiring stories more useful information.

Photo by Julia Engel on Unsplash

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