Ways To Save Money On Your Las Vegas Homeowners Insurance Policy

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At Safeguard Insurance, we want to make sure that our
customers receive all the discounts for which they qualify.

This week, we detail some of the things that you can do that
may lead to a discount on your Las
Vegas Homeowners insurance

  • New homes have less of a chance for accidents because of new
    systems and appliances
  • Locks, fire alarms, burglar alarms, and smoke detectors are
    all preventative devices that protect your home
  • Nonsmokers have a lower chance of causing a fire than smokers
  • Multi-policy credits are offered with certain carriers as an
    incentive to insure all aspects of your life with the same company
  • Certification with LEED may lead to a reduction
    in your Las Vegas home insurance premium
  • Retired policyholders tend to be home more often than policy
    holders that are not retired, so they have better chances of being home
    and preventing claims
  • Being a part of a homeowner’s association means people are
    looking out for you, and could result in a discount

And these are only a few of the discounts available with our

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