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Owning rental property can be financially rewarding.  It can also be a headache dealing with numerous problems.  The last thing you need to worry about is your landlord insurance policies.  At Safeguard, we make landlord insurance simple.  Since 1998 we’ve provided landlord insurance to hundreds of rental properties owners in Las Vegas and other parts of Nevada.  We know what coverage you need and can help you find the right landlord insurance, at the right price.

One common mistake we often see is a homeowner insurance policy used for a rental property.  This could be a costly mistake because homeowners insurance requires the property be owner occupied.  Landlords need a specialized policy sometimes called a “dwelling fire”. Dwelling fire policies do not require the property be owner occupied.

Some important considerations when shopping for landlord insurance:

  • Does the policy include replacement cost coverage for the dwelling?
  • Does the policy include coverage for sewer or drain backup?
  • Is theft of contents coverage included?
  • Will the policy provide coverage for lost rental income?
  • Is coverage provided on a DP3 or “open peril” form?
  • Is adequate premise liability coverage provided?

At Safeguard, we work with several A-rated providers of Nevada landlord insurance including Travelers, Nationwide, Century National and Safeco.  This means we are able to present you with options for your rental property insurance.  We can provide coverage for rental property owned by an LLC or corporation.  Rental properties with up to 4 units can be insured under a dwelling fire policy.   And, we have specialized programs for landlord’s with multiple properties, including multi-state exposures.

Rental property is a huge investment.  It is worth making certain that investment is protected with quality landlord insurance.  If you would like a free policy review or quote for your rental property insurance, call Safeguard at 702-638-0022 today.  Or, visit our rental property insurance page and request a free quote.

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