With Homeowners Insurance, Las Vegas Residents Can Travel Without Worries!

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Are you ready to head off for the holidays? Not so fast! It is important to make sure you prepare your home before leaving it behind for a few days or weeks. To do so, follow a few of these tips listed below. From setting your thermostat properly to increasing your homeowners insurance, Las Vegas residents have a few tasks to take care of before heading out.

-Be sure to lock all doors and windows before leaving.

-Make sure someone is taking your mail in or put a hold on it. If not, an overflowing mailbox is a sure sign of absence for burglars.

-Make sure all appliances are turned off or unplugged to avoid a fire.

-Keep your thermostat set to at least 55 F to avoid freezing pipes and damages.

-Turn on your alarm.

-Make sure your Las Vegas homeowners insurance is up to par in the event of a mishap.

-Take in the spare key from outside if you are not around.

-Make sure your pets are taken care of.

-Turn down your answer machine message to avoid advertising your absence to others.

-If possible, set timers for lights to turn on outside and inside your home. This will give the illusion to potential crooks that someone is home.

-Leave an emergency number with a trusted neighbor. Having someone keep an eye on your home is a great idea!

Traveling around the holidays is common and burglars know that! To avoid having your home become a target, it is important to follow these few tips. If you do not prepare your home for your absence, there is sure to be an issue waiting when you get home. If an issue does arise, your coverage will kick in. With our homeowners insurance, Las Vegas residents will not have to worry about additional costs. A typical policy will cover: the structure of your home, additional living expenses, personal possessions, liability and replacement costs. Allow us to take care of the unexpected so you can enjoy a stress-free holiday vacation!

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